The intersection of stage hypnosis and magic...

Until now... This content has only been available by attending a live class at the Magic and Mystery School.  It has never been released on video. Now you can get free access to the video highlights of the Hypnotic Wizardry videos with Jeff McBride and Dr. Richard Nongard.

Instant Access to the Highlights of Hypnotic Wizardry

  • Gain new ways to present magic using hypnotic patter
  • Learn about double reality
  • See the chair suspension presented in a unique way
  • Light and Heavy Effects
  • Be at the cusp of what happens when ancient wisdom and new ideas merge
  • Discover your opportunity to create somethings others have never seen before

McBride and Nongard

Without a doubt, Jeff McBride and Richard Nongard are sages in the craft of magic, hypnosis and performance. As a teaching team, they are bringing you a perspective on entertainment honed from the stages of Las Vegas and venues from around the world.

Do you want to create more powerful presentations, activate your own potential and entertain in a way that stands out from the crowd of other entertainers?   Then Hypnotic Wizardry is your starting point for success.

There Is No Catch

We are giving you four video highlights from our two hour training program.   All you have to do is say yes! These highlights are content driven, teaching you the ideas that can help you master hypno-tricks, stage hypnosis, magic and mentalism performance. Tell us where to send your instant access pass, and you can immediately begin viewing the 20 minute highlight videos from this series. We will also share with you how you can get instant access to the whole program and details about upcoming classes and related materials.


A shot from our video series, with Illusionist Randilyn